Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Wesley Foderingham

Name: Sergeant Wesley Foderingham
Nickname: "Cookie"
Role: Scout / Medic
Status: KIA (Operation Frozen Pyre)

Sgt. Wesley "Cookie" Foderingham never liked her squad nickname, and was constantly lobbying for something more aggressive, like "Crusher". However, she was an extremely fast sprinter and was able to quickly find the enemy, and then draw them back to Colonel Green's established kill zone "as if she was offering them a cookie", and so the name stuck.

She was also a skilled medic, but took the most pride in her scouting abilities. She was the first soldier to use the Ghost class cloaking armor, which allowed her to penetrate deep into enemy territory and to vanish at once when discovered.

Due to her exceptional evasive capabilities, she was never seriously injured during a scouting expedition. However, Operation Frozen Pyre quickly turned into an entrenched firefight, with a large force of aliens taking potshots from within their downed ship. They were helplessly pinned down and ultimately defeated, but one of the large alien drones managed to get a lucky shot and Sergeant Foderingham was killed instantly.

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