Wednesday, September 11, 2013

He Who Must Not Be Named

Name: Sergeant Punch Masenamela
Nickname: "Stalker", but see below
Role: Sniper
Status: KIA (Operation Final Apollo)

Private Masenamela had trouble finding his way in the squad. He idolized Merrick Maric, and wanted so much to be the deadly sniper, protecting the group from on high. However, he had the temperament of a Heavy Infantry. Although Colonel Green believed that he was better suited in the front lines, he allowed Masenamela to take on the role of sniper.

Things were made more difficult when he went in for psychic testing, and it was discovered that he had powerful psionic abilities. Unfortunately, as with John Green's abilities, they were severely range-limited. Sergeant Masenamela's continued decision to stay in the back as a sniper meant that he was unable to make effective use of them.

The team was understanding about his quandary, and no one wanted to force him to take a position for which he felt unsuited. Double Down Green declared that his official squad nickname would be "Stalker", but it never really stuck. 

Operation Final Apollo was tailor-made for Merrick Maric and Mad Man Hendricks, as it
involved a large group of enemy aliens in position on the roof of a restaurant. Using their new Archangel class suits, they were able to soar above them, taking them out at will. Unfortunately, Masenamela was still using Skeleton class armor and had difficulty finding the correct range. Trying to get close enough for his mental attacks, while staying back far enough to snipe, he climbed onto the cab of a truck in an attempt to get the elevation he needed. Instead, he presented an ideal target for the giant alien death robot, and was killed with a single blast of plasma.

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