Friday, September 13, 2013

Hendrick Hendricks

Name: Major Hendrick Hendricks
Nickname: Mad Man
Role: Assault
Note: To date, this is the only player name that has not been used by a Swindon football player. But the game randomly came up with "Hendrick Hendricks", and if that doesn't sound like a Swoodilypooper name, I don't know what does!

While Major Green and Major Hendricks both believe in advancing towards the enemy with all possible speed, Hendricks prefers to take an indirect route. He joined XCOM at the height of Merrick Maric's grappling hook obsession, and became an eager student of her methods.

During the beginning of any mission, Hendricks and Maric will typically stake out the highest point on the map (preferably a church steeple or warehouse roof) until the enemy is spotted. At that point, Mad Man Hendricks leaps into action with the speed that gave him his nickname and attempts to flank them. His favorite tactic is to let Colonel Green distract them with heavy fire, while he sneaks around behind.

Major Hendricks is the only other soldier, along with Major Maric, to be outfitted with the power-flight-capable Archangel class armor.

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