Monday, September 16, 2013

Bald John Green

Name: Colonel John Green
Nickname: "Road Block"
Role: Heavy Psychic Infantry
Status: KIA (Operation Avenger)

Bald John Green, John Green,
He gave it all for his team.
Upon his mustache we were keen,
Bald John Green, John Green.

John "Road Block" Green is the tactical and spiritual leader of the XCOM program. Physically imposing, Colonel Green stands 6'2" tall and typically carries twice as much heavy ordinance as any other soldier.

In the bulk of his missions with XCOM, he preferred to wear Titan-class heavy armor, the toughest but also the bulkiest armor available. However, most recently, he has given this up in favor of a suit of experimental design that directly amplified his already-powerful psychic abilities. Purely by coincidence, the Psi Armor also looks a bit like a black turtleneck, giving him a dressy-but-relaxed style.

A man of unquestionable bravery, John Green was the first candidate for Psi testing (along with his husband, Major Green, and Lieutenant Beef Stock) and was the only member of that initial round of volunteers to show signs of psychic ability. Since those tests, he has continued to train and hone his abilities and is now able to kill with a mere thought.

Although other team members may joke that he is too slow-moving on the field (a recurring jibe from Hendrick "Mad Man" Hendricks) Colonel Green prefers to choose a well-defended, tactically advantageous location and defend it at all costs. He provides cover for the rest of his squad using a Heavy Plasma Gun, and often works closely alongside armor-plated drones. 

Bald John GreenAs his psychic abilities matured, he grew to rely more and more his ability to either mentally dominate his foes, or to crush their brains altogether. A strong critic of these tactics was Merrick Maric (by way of increasingly urgent post-mission notes). who believed that Green was entirely too focused on these psychic attacks, to the detriment and danger of the rest of the squad. She was especially critical of his preference for mind control attacks, insisting that in all cases it is preferable to shoot the enemy than merely to mentally dominate it for a few seconds. These notes, while insistent, were still respectful of Green's role as team leader.

-- Note: Spoilers for XCOM: Enemy Unknown below --

After interfacing with the alien sphere, Colonel Green become the strongest psychic warrior on the planet, and possible the strongest in the universe. During Operation Avenger he lead his squad on a dangerous mission, directly attacking the main alien battleship. After finding and killing the alien leader, however, the ship began to implode and Dr. Vahlen realized that it could have disastrous consequences if the battleship were to destruct within the earth's atmosphere.

The last action that Major Green was seen to take was to telekinetically throw the surviving soldiers out of the control room, slamming the door behind them. They were able to escape the ship, which immediately rocketed out of Earth's atmosphere--presumably Colonel Green had figured out the controls, and saved his planet.

It is unknown whether he made contact with his husband, Double Down Green. However, given the strength of his psychic ability it is assumed that they were able to say goodbye before the end. An absolute hero, Colonel John "Road Block" Green truly gave it all for his team.

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