Thursday, September 12, 2013

Beef Stock

Name: Major Beef Stock
Nickname: "Congo"
Role: Medic
Status: KIA (Operation Avenger)

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is alive and well in the XCOM project. It obviously doesn't apply to the team leader and his husband, but it definitely applies to Major "Congo" Stock's squad nickname. I have no idea why she is called Congo and I have never tried to find out. For what it's worth she is of Korean descent, but was born and raised in Glasgow.

She is one of the fastest sprinters in the XCOM program (only Lieutenant Foderingham was faster), and prefers to act as medic. Her highly advanced first aid skills have saved the lives of every one of her teammates, and she is also a crack shot with a plasma rifle. She memorably took out the alien that John Green was trying to bludgeon to death, gave him a stern look, and then dressed his wounds.

During missions she is cool and efficient, getting things done with a minimum of fuss unless civilians are present. In terror attacks and cases in which innocent bystanders are in the line of fire she frequently displays a recklessness that would put Double Down to shame, throwing caution to the wind in order to get them to safety

Major Stock is well respected by the entire squad (especially by Major Green, her most frequent patient) but does not have any close friendships in the program. She generally prefers to take her R&R alone, and the speculation is that she "tears the town up when she does", to quote Mad Man Hendricks.

During Operation Avenger, the Alien Overlord seized control over Beef Stock's mind. Although it was quickly shot to death by Double Down Green, the mental link transmitted its death shock into her mind, killing her as well.

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