Thursday, September 12, 2013

Voluptuous Pericard

Name: Voluptuous Pericard
Nickname: "Nova"
Role: Heavy Infantry

Voluptuous Pericard had a difficult time in the XCOM program. She was groomed from the start to be Colonel John Green's second in command, and the only other gifted psychic with the temperament and physical qualifications to be team leader. As such, it was difficult for her to be at ease with her squad mates the way that Double Down Green could.

However, she was also unable to command their respect in the way of Colonel Green, because she never really got a chance to prove herself capable of leadership. Although Hendrick Hendricks and Wesley Foderingham occasionally invited her to join them for recreational activities (i.e., copious drinking and mutual wingmanship at the bars near XCOM HQ) she preferred to spend her downtime with her wife, Alice, and her two children.

Despite finding it difficult to bond with her teammates and lacking the chance to prove herself that she so fervently wanted, no one can question her skill as a soldier or her devotion to the XCOM program. She was one of only three squad members to return from Operation Avenger, and after Colonel Green's noble sacrifice everyone is grateful that she survived to take his place as team leader.

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